Shiraz Accommodations

Shiraz Accommodations

Shiraz has modern and traditional 3, 4, or 5 hotels which formerly had been historic houses with about 100 years of history. These Modern hotels with traditional looks often exist around the historic district of the city. Shiraz is known as “the city of flower and nightingale” and also the city of poetry and literature. This is due to being the birthplace of two of the greatest Persian poets Hafez and Saadi.

This city is also one of the major tourist destinations in Iran, and thus enjoys a wide variety of accommodations. The reservation of 3-5 star hotels is one of the Hogo Travel services. It is worth mentioning that these accommodations have appropriate prices comparing to the services presented. The existence of important historical sites such as Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam close to this city has resulted in many tourists choosing Shiraz to stay overnight.

arg hotel

Arg Hotel of Shiraz

The beautiful entrance and the well-designed yard decorated with plants make an amazing atmosphere that each tourist can enjoy his/her stay. 3-Star Arg Hotel is located in downtown Shiraz and is near the Arg-e-Karimkhani, so it has good access to historical sites and is equipped with free wifi, parking, a coffee shop, and a decent restaurant.

aryo barzan hotel

Aryo Barzan Hotel

Aryo Barzan Hotel is located in the center of Shiraz so many stores and tourism sites are near the hotel and it’s easy to see them. It has 50 well-equipped rooms that encompass royal suites. Besides, it has 24/7 Reception, 24-hour Dining Service, and Complimentary High-Speed Wi-Fi. The hotel’s conference hall and business center can be useful for your business meeting. In addition, Aryo Barzan Club has various entertainments such as billiard and foosball so it’s an amazing place for having fun in your free time.

karimkhan hotel

Karimkhan Hotel

Karimkhan Hotel has clean and traditional rooms, so you could have a unique experience during your stay in Shiraz. It’s near many famous tourist attractions like Eram Garden, Hafez, and Saadi tombs. A High-quality restaurant, coffee shop, and traditional tea house could provide you with excellent food and drink while residing at this place. Kind and multilingual staff would help you with better service and finding tourist sites. Furthermore, you can enjoy your time at the swimming pool and fitness club.

park saadi hotel

Park Saadi Hotel

This hotel is one of the cleanest, well-designed, and equipped hotels in Shiraz. Park Saadi Hotel is situated next to Hafez Mausoleum and it is easy to get to other tourist attractions. So it could be a good choice during your stay in Shiraz. Sports and entertainment facilities and a good coffee shop are some of the facilities of this hotel.

pars hotel shiraz

Pars International Hotel

One of the equipped and well-appointed hotels in Shiraz is Pars International Hotel. It has different sorts of restaurants and a beautiful lobby. The lovely atmosphere inside the coffee shop with a piano playing in the background would make a place for relaxation. A swimming pool, a Turkish bath, conference halls, and a gym are also some of the significant facilities of this hotel.

grand hotel shiraz

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel is located over the northeast mountains of Shiraz. It has easy access to the Quran gate, Persian gardens, and other historical sites. This hotel includes several restaurants of different types like Iranian, Italian and so on. In addition, amenities like conference halls, fitness club, and swimming pool with beautiful architecture has made this hotel unique.

zandiyeh hotel shiraz


Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz is a luxurious 5-star hotel situated in the city center and is just 20 minutes away from the airport. Choosing this hotel for your business trip could be a smart choice because of the business class suites and it could provide you with the facilities of a modern office. You could also use conference halls for your business meetings.

In addition, if you are on honeymoon, Zandiyeh Hotel has luxury honeymoon suites with special honeymoon arrangements that make you remember your stay. A traditional Persian bathhouse, health club, and crafts gallery are some important facilities of this hotel.


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