Tehran Accommodations

Tehran Accommodations

Tehran is the capital city of Iran and hence it has near 3900 accommodations which include hotels and hostels. Most of these accommodations are modern, especially those that are located in the northern part of the city which are limited by the Alborz Mountains. These residences are usually located near the international business exhibitions which are often 5-star hotels. However, some boutique hotels also exist in this region.

Downtown Tehran is the office, business, and trading area, thus the hotels in this area have 3 or 4 star standards. In addition, this region has 1 or 2-star residences within the old district. These hotels usually have easy access to the subway and other means of transportation and also the majority of important directions. Some historic houses that have been turned into hotels and hostels could also be found in this district.


espinas palace

Espinas Palace Hotel

It is one of the biggest and most luxurious hotels in Tehran. This hotel is an actual 5-star and a well-appointed one. It is situated in the northern part of Tehran and has good access to the tourist sites and the business center of the city. The architecture is really modern and you can enjoy the atmosphere during your stay. It is equipped with presidential and royal suites and they are all well-designed. They also offer babysitting; so it’s useful while you are at a business meeting or an important appointment. In addition, the hotel has a coffee shop and a restaurant.

Howeyzeh Hotel

Howeyzeh Hotel

4-star Howeyzeh Hotel is located in the center of Tehran, it would be a nice choice for travelers who want to have good access to shopping centers, historical places, and other important sites. You could have a variety of choices from Iranian to European foods. The hotel is equipped with some other amenities like conference halls and Wi-Fi.

Iranshahr hotel

Iranshahr Hotel

It is one of the oldest hotels in Tehran, it was opened in 1953 and was renovated in 1981. This 4-star hotel is located in Iranshahr Street. They offer single and double rooms and suites. The restaurant has many foods encompassing special Iranian foods, different kinds of kababs, and seafood. It has a good coffee shop with various types of tea and coffee.

hotel azadi

Parsian Azadi Hotel

5-star Parsian Azadi Hotel would be an excellent choice for families and business travelers. Located on one of the main roads in Tehran, it has good access to some important areas like the International Exhibition Center, Enghelab Sports Complex, Tochal Entertainment Complex, and Jurassic Park of Tehran. It is equipped with three types of restaurants, Iranian, Italian, and Japanese. In addition, it has a Sports Club, swimming pool, fitness club, and different halls for your business meetings.

hotel enghelab

Parsian Enghelab Hotel

Enghelab hotel is a 4-star hotel and is situated in the business center of Tehran. It has good access to shopping centers and some important tourist attractions. The hotel has different types of restaurants especially a revolving restaurant. They offer single and double rooms, normal and luxury suites. The amenities are high-speed Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness club.

esteghlal hotel

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

Parsian Esteghlal is a 5-star hotel actually one of the oldest 5-star hotels in Tehran. The hotel has two separate towers, the western and eastern wing, the western tower is older. But both of them have nice rooms and suites. In addition, there are some nice facilities in this hotel. For instance the ceremony and conference halls, indoor and outdoor restaurants, and a coffee shop. It also has good sports facilities like a swimming pool, tennis court, and a fitness club.

evin hotel

Parsian Evin Hotel

Parsian Evin is located in the northern part of Tehran. Parsian Evin Hotel is a 4- star hotel and it is a nice place to stay. It has good access to significant areas of Tehran. Some amenities like a Swimming Pool, coffee shop, restaurants of different types could make it an appropriate place to stay. In addition, some other facilities are available, for example, a gift shop for buying souvenirs and a barbershop if you need a new haircut. Its conference halls could be good for your business meetings.


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