Bayazid Bastami Tomb

Abu Yazid Ṭayfur bin Isa bin Surushan Basṭami, commonly known as Bayazid Bastami and titled “The King of The Mystics” is the greatest mystic of the third century of the lunar calendar. He is one of the Sufi elders. It is said that after years of exploration and austerity Bayazid returned to Bastam and spent the rest of his life and died in that city. Personally, he didn’t leave any work as heritage. But his followers and disciples have gathered his speeches which are quoted in different sources such as Tabaqat al-Sufiah and Tazkirat al-Awliya. Great mystics such as Mansour Hallaj, Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani, Abu Sa’id Abu’l-Khayr are said to have been impacted by Bayazid’s words. Bayazid Bastami Tomb

This mausoleum, located 6 kilometers to the north of Shahrud City, was built between Seljuq and Qajar era. It consists of the Tomb of Mohammad bin Jafar al-Sadiq, the Tomb of Bayazid, Bayazid Convent, Bayazid Mosque, Oljaitu Porch, Kazan Tomb, Seljuq Mosque and Minaret, Jame Mosque Kashaneh Tower, and Shahrokhieh School. Therefore,Bayazid Bastami Tomb  Tanbur