National Robin Day

National Robin Day

National Robin Day is an annual nationwide event raising awareness of small birds and other wildlife in winter and how you can help them through this tough time of year. On 21st December, National Robin Day will bring people together, inspiring them to take action for wildlife. ​

The nation’s favorite bird, robins symbolize the festivities of Christmas time. The cold winter months are especially tough for animals; as temperatures drop and food becomes scarce, wildlife such as garden birds need a little extra help. This is where you come in!

Whether it’s building a bird feeder, making a wildlife-friendly space in your garden, or holding a fundraising event, every small action goes a long way to helping Robin and its friends. Everyone can get involved, it’s really easy for your workplaceschool or group of friends to take part, we’ve got loads of tools to help get you started.

National Robin day was founded and organized by SBS, a UK-wide charity promoting research and education to help bring an end to songbird population declines.