Negel Quran

The beginning and number of verses of this Quran are gilded. It is also decorated with plant designs that have added to its beauties. The Quran belongs to the tenth or twelfth century. The discovery of this book in the Safavid period has provided a new life to the people of Negel village.

The large Folio Quran is 38 cm in length, 21 cm in width, and 13 cm in diameter. Its cover is from leather with dark brown color. The Papers of which the Quran pages are made are thick and because of the similarity to the skin, it is known as “deer’s skin” among the people. Negel Quran is being kept inside the historic mosque of the village.

After the repeated robbery of the Quran, it is now under the auspices of Religious Affairs and the Board of Trustees of the village’s mosque kept inside a glass case at the Quran gate of the village. This village is located 60 km west of Sanandaj and along the Sanandaj-Marivan route. Negel Quran, Feiz mosque of Qom