Yazd Bazaar

Yazd Bazaar, also known as Khan Bazaar, is one of the widest and largest bazaars in the world. It dates back to the time of Nasser al-Din Shah, and it was built by Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafghi.

When we enter the Bazaar, the thing that attracts our attention most is the structure. The different width of the Bazaar shows that it has been made of clay, mud, brick, and plaster in different years and times; and it has developed over time. Its length is about 274 meters and its height varies between 4 to 6 meters.

Bazaar has two parts of Northern – southern and Eastern – Western and it has a total of about 160 stores. While going to this Bazaar, we can see different constructions. It includes different sections such as bazaars, bathhouses, squares, and schools.

This bazaar is composed of several bazaars that have their own names. But all of them together are known as the Khan bazaar. There are different bazaars, such as Zargari (goldsmithing) bazaar, Panje Ali bazaar, Qaisariya bazaar, Alaqebandi bazaar, Kashigari bazaar, Chitsazi bazaar (chintz making), Mullah Ismail bazaar, Afshar bazaar, Sadri bazaar (Shahzade Fazel), Darvaze Mehriz bazaar, Mesgari (coppersmith) bazaar, and Nokhod berizi bazaar.

Also, the existence of 20 Timchehs in this Bazaar reflects the prosperity and the heavy traffic in this Bazaar, and it shows that the Bazaar still continues to live well after all these years.


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