Ash-e Shooli

Wash the vegetables, put them in a sieve and rinse them. Then chop them nicely. Peel the beets after washing and slice them. Then put them along with some water inside a pot and on the heat and wait till it is half cooked.

Wash the lentils and add them along with the chopped vegetables to the half-cooked beets and let them cook together. Meanwhile, prepare the sauteed mint and onions along with a little bit of turmeric. After the beets, vegetables, and lentils are cooked, add half of the sauteed onions to them.

And after boiling for a few minutes pour one liter of boiling water into the broth. Mix the flour with one liter of water too and stir till it is completely mixed. Then add it to the broth slowly and stir properly so that the flour doesn’t stick together and have the thickness of a soup.

After adding the flour, add the rest of the sauteed onions (keep a little for garnishing the broth), sauteed mint, vinegar, salt, and pepper, and after bubbling up for a short while, pick it up from the heat.

If the Ash is too thick add more boiling water to it and if you don’t like the taste of vinegar, you can use any amount of pomegranate molasses in the broth.


  • one and a half kilo of vegetables (half of it spinach and the other half leek, parsley, and some fenugreek)
  • Beet: Two large number
  • Onion: three
  • Mint: Two tablespoons (dry)
  • Flour: one and a half cups
  • Lentils: a glass
  • Oil: to the extent necessary for frying onions and mint
  • Salt: to the extent necessary
  • Turmeric: two teaspoonful
  • Vinegar