Chicken Kuku or Kuku Morgh

First, you need to put the chicken along with some onion, salt, turmeric, and water on the heat, so they cook. After the chicken is cooked shred it nicely.

Then put a pan on the heat and pour some oil in it till let it heat up. Pour the sliced onions into the oil and sauté them. Separate the extra oil from the sauteed onions by pouring them into a sieve.

Add it to the shredded chicken. Crack the eggs inside a bowl separately and stir nicely. Then add the onions and the shredded chicken to it to make a soft mixture.

Pour some soil inside another pan and after it is heated up, pour the mixture into it. The heat should be medium and the lid must be put on until the eggs are cooked.

After 10 minutes the Kuku is fried. Now, you should turn it over so the other side fries too, and then the food is ready to serve.


  • Chicken breast: 1
  • Eggs: 4
  • Medium-sized onions: 2
  • Saffron: Optional
  • Barberry: Necessary amount
  • Salt and turmeric: Necessary amount