Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Due to the picture, western media show of Iran at first glance people may think that there is a civil war going on, or it is full of terrorists who try to kidnap us! But your view will change completely when you travel to Iran.

Besides having an ancient civilization, the people are so kind and warm and would welcome any tourist who has come to their country. Iran travel

So don’t hesitate to plan your trip to Iran individually or with your friends and family. But it is important to note that citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada cannot travel independently and must get a licensed tour guide. They must also submit a complete itinerary before traveling to Iran due to the political issues between the countries. Hogo Travel is a tour operator which is licensed to provide services for the visitors of the above-mentioned countries. This company can help you with these restrictions.

Is it safe for women to travel to Iran?

The answer is yes. Iran has a dress code due to the Islamic rules and respecting these rules is a necessity during your trip. However, these rules are not strictly-observed, especially for tourists. Many visitors get surprised when they see the way people dress in Iran especially if it is their first trip to this country and realize that it is far from the stereotypes.

Note: Not all parts of Iran are safe for foreign travelers. We do not recommend going to the southeastern part of Iran alone due to the conflicts in this region.

Hogo Travel is specialized in providing a memorable experience in Iran and is beside you during the whole journey.