Nahar Khoran Road

The white cover of the trees in the winter, a rainbow of colors in the fall, and the green leaves in the spring and summer have made this road special and mesmerizing. The tall trees are combined with the tourist facilities and have made a spectacular resort for the tourists. Thus, Nahar Khoran Road

Nahar Khoran heights have many valleys, catchments, and crests; that have provided an appropriate environment for those who are interested in nature and hiking. The western and south-western heights of Nahar Khoran square have always been used by hikers as the main route to get to Sefid Cheshme and higher altitudes. Accessing these heights is possible by old stone stairs in the area. Therefore,

The only river in Nahar Khoran is called Ziarat that originates from the heights of Ziarat village and flows in the area with a length of 40 meters. Since in the past caravans going to Mashhad camped at the hillside of the mountains in southern Gorgan and had Nahar (Lunch), this area has been called Nahar Khoran which means a dining area.

The average height of most of this area reaches about 400 to 450 meters above sea level and in some areas, it reaches 700 to 900 meters.

In terms of weather, the Nahar Khoran area of Gorgan is considered as a temperate and sub-humid Caspian area. HoweverTappo Cave