Saint Sarkis Cathedral

You can visit this place during your stay in Tehran. This church was built by the personal expenses of an Armenian-Persian by the name of Markar Sarkisian. After the construction, the Armenian base in Tehran was transferred from the Holy Mary Church to this place. It was designed in Bazylika or Cross-shape form. The exterior walls are covered by white marble stones. We have to confess that it truly has an amazing exterior design. Although Saint Sarkis Cathedral

This cathedral is the biggest Armenian Church in Iran. One of the most important works that you can see within the area of this church is the Memorial of the Armenian Genocide. This memorial is made of three white marble stones. On these Stones are engravings containing symbols of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, liberality, and adhering to the religion, faith, and the belief in the victory of justice and truth. The architecture of this church is similar to medieval and modern Armenian architecture and is in the shape of a cross. In addition, you can see the terms “The Memorial of The Armenian Martyrs” and “April 24, 1915” on these stones. However, Saint Sarkis Cathedral, St. Thaddeus Monastery