Telegraph Office of Bushehr

In the late Qajar period and in the year 1901, two English officers named Colonel Stewart and Captain Champion spoke with Iranian officials successfully, and the creation telegraph line between London and India via Iran begun. Telegraph Office of Bushehr

As a result, the Bushehr province dating back to about 100 years in the field of telecommunications was the host of the first telegraph pole of Iran in Imam Khomeini Avenue. With the development of Iran’s telegraph network, based on contracts of the year 1907; the Telegraph Company of India and Europe was connected directly to Iran through London via Russia; however, Naser al-Din Shah was unaware of the role of these lines in the revolutionary developments.

After a while, local people were observing the growth of telegraph poles. English engineers lived also at a small distance from these poles and that resulted in them learning the Persian language. Telegraph Office of Bushehr Abu Al Hayat Tangeh (strait)