Abu Al Hayat Tangeh (strait)

It may seem like a simple passage between the rocks but there is much more to it. Abu Al Hayat Strait is located along the road of Shiraz to Kazeroon. According to some historians, this strait is the strait where Ariobarzanes, Persian commander, closed the way for the armies of Alexander of Macedon. Then he caused heavy casualties on his troops.
This strait has attracted the attention of many tourists, but they cannot stop at this location due to the lack of parking and security. These factors have also created many problems for tourist guides. The Gav Koshak village is located near this strait and the mausoleum of Taj al-Din Jamshid ibn Abu Al Hayat who died in 1328 is in it. The similarity of the strait name and the name of the owner of the tomb is also a striking note. Quri Qale Cave