Marginal Common Market of Abadan

The proximity of Abadan to the Persian Gulf countries and the import and export of goods by boat have led to the formation of diverse and numerous markets in the city. Kuwaiti market, Amiri market, Ahmadabad market, Tah-Lenjy-ha market, the central market, and the first-class fish market are some of the markets that attract tourists and visitors to Abadan. In addition,  Marginal Common Market of Abadan

Meanwhile, Tah-Lenjy-ha market in the Imam Khomeini Street is a common marketplace; among the citizens of Arvand-Kenar and Faw city of Iraq. Abadan market contains 30 commercial booths; of which 20 booths have been considered for Iranian merchants and marketers; and the other 10 booths for Iraqi businessmen. Arabic music is heard from every corner of the market.

All sorts of goods and products are also sold in different shops in this market. Although Marginal Common Market of Abadan, Mahale Sangi (Stone neighborhood).