Ghalieh Kadoo

Ghalieh Kadoo or Squash Stew is a traditional dish served all around Iran in different ways. However, this delicious meal is also known as Ghalieh Kadoo Yazdi, Ghalieh Kadoo Gilani, and Ghalieh Kadoo Mazandarani (different cities in Iran). But people of the city of Qazvin also prepare it in a special way. Such as adding pomegranate molasses, sour cherry molasses, and garlic. Or cook it with different legumes such as pinto beans or lentils. In other words, there is so much variety.

whether you want to prepare a delicious and warm dinner for cold nights of the year or you want a tasty evening meal, this dish is an ideal choice. It is also a good option for those who don’t know what to cook with the squash.


Kidney beans 50 g
Vetch  150 grams
Squash peeled 350 g
Oil  100 g
3 tablespoons fried onions
Salt, pepper, and turmeric in sufficient quantities =
Sugar 100 g
Cinnamon  1 teaspoonful
Walnut and Coconut  to the extent necessary