Meygoo Polo

Meygoo Polo is originated in the southern provinces of Iran, more specifically in Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces. It is not surprising that this amazing seafood dish comes from regions that are located near the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Meygoo is the Farsi word for “shrimp”, which is a common ingredient for the residents of the Persian Gulf region. This dish brings together hot spices and mixes them with cups of fresh vegetables, all put in a pot filled with white rice. Like many other traditional dishes, the location and region determine the specific ingredients used inside the dish.

Ingredients: Meygou Polo

Shrimp 300 g (20)
Rice 2 cups
1 medium onion
Fenugreek and Coriander 150 grams
Turmeric 1 tsp full head
Pepper ½ tsp Kufte Shami