After being recaptured by Shah Abbas from the Ottoman Empire it developed into a big trade center in northwestern Iran. This city is the historic capital and the biggest city in northwestern Iran. The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the biggest and the most important Bazaars in the world.

This city played a pivotal role in the Constitutional Revolution and also the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The soldiers of this region had been known for their fighting skills. Zoroaster and Naser al-Din Shah of Qajar are said to be born in this city. Rumi was inspired to write his poems by the teachings of Shams Tabrizi. Shams Tabrizi was his Spiritual instructor and was a Sufi Muslim. His tomb is located in the city of khoy.

Attractions of Tabriz are The Grand Bazaar, Amir Nezam House, Blue Mosque, Maqbaratoshoara, Arg, Constitution House, Congregational Mosque of Tabriz, and so on.