Qom is an important city for Shi’a Muslims and is considered holy because of Fatima bint Musa’s shrine. In this manner, it resembles the Vatican in Rome, and for Catholic Christians. People from different parts of the city gather in Fatima bint Musa’s shrine. They mourn for Imam Hossein at the date of his death.

Some people believe that Hassan ibn Muthlih Jamkarani has met the last Imam of Shi’a Muslims. They believe that he has seen him at the place where Jamkaran Mosque was later built. Qom is located inside an arid region and this has caused the formation of some spectacular natural phenomena such as Howz-e Sultan Salt Lake.

Some of the attractions of this city are the Holy Shrine of Fatima, Jamkaran Mosque, The Grand Teemcheh, Qom Congregational Mosque, Jahangir Khan Seminary, and so on. Mashhad