Tehran includes nearly half of Iran’s industry. This metropolis is the capital city of Iran. So it is one of the most expensive cities in the country and maybe in the whole world.

It was chosen as the capital city in the Qajar period. Some monuments of this dynasty have remained yet to be seen. The administrative structure of the country is centered around this city and it has the most human population among all cities. Azadi tower which is located in Tehran has been known as the symbol of this city and also Iran.

Among the most important tourist attractions of Tehran, we can mention the Golestan Palace, where you can see the amazing architecture inside and also spend time outside the walls of this live unique museum.

Some of the attractions of this city are Azadi tower, Mila tower, Golestan palace, Sa’ad Abad palace, Niavaran complex, Tughrul tower, Tabiat Bridge, Tochal ski resort, National Museum of Iran, Darband, Darakeh, Masoudieh palace, Bame Tehran, Moghaddam museum and so on.