Yazd has been enlisted in the UNESCO heritage of humanity list. Surrounded by the desert, this city is known for its unique Persian architecture and its wind towers. Yazd was a spot where Silk Road merchants used to rest and thus many travelers have written about the city. During the Arab invasion, a lot of Zoroastrians from different cities fled to this city. Therefore, it is an important center for Zoroastrians.

The dry climate has forced people to build a long network of qanats to reach the water. It is said that when some of the noblemen of Rey Started a riot against King Alexander, he decided to take them to Fars province, and on the way, he ordered his men to dig a well and imprisoned them in it. After he left Yazd, guards along with prisoners helped in developing this beautiful city.

Some of the attractions are the Congregational Mosque of Yazd, Alexander’s prison, Amir Chakhmaq complex, Zoroastrian’s Dakhme, Zoroastrian fire temples, and so on. Isfahan