Bliss bird in nature of Iran

Bliss bird in nature of Iran

Lammergeier or Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) is a magnificent bird of mountains whose name is associated with many myths and legends in Iran. It is actually a bearded vulture that lives in the high mountains and cliffs of Africa, Southern Europe, and Asia, including Iran.

Lammergeier is one of the rare birds of Iran that lives from the northern protected areas to the eastern and central mountains of Iran. Places to visit include Golestan National Park in North of Iran, Khabr Wildlife Refuge in Kerman Province, Tandoureh Protected Area in Khorasan Razavi Province, and generally in mountainous areas of Zagros and Alborz. Bliss bird in nature of Iran

It is the only vulture whose head is feathered and has a beard, like black hair beneath its beak. The magnificent flight of the bearded vulture owes it to its long and dark wings that in flight mode is about 275 to 308 centimeters. The main distinguishing feature of this bird is that of other birds of prey and vultures, its head, breast, and abdomen a yellowish orange with a sharp contrast to its dark wings. Bliss bird in nature of Iran

The bearded Vulture is not a migratory bird and remains in its rocky habitat all the year. It lays one or two eggs in its nest during the breeding season between the rocks and overlooking the cliffs.

This bird is more active than the other vultures. Most of its food is the bone marrow of animals that is thrown from high altitudes to rocks. Sometimes live turtles also feed in this way. Hence it can also be mentioned as a purifier of nature. The existence of a rich biodiversity habitat of herbivores and carnivorous can be a continuation of this vulture, and in contrast to the decline or disappearance of herbivores populations and disruption of the habitat’s food chain of habitats can be the cause of the extinction of this valuable species. Bliss bird in nature of Iran

Lammergeier is a symbol of happiness and prosperity in Iranian mythology. There are many stories of Lammergeier sitting on the shoulders of people and coming to their reign and kingdom and there is also happiness, goodness, and blessings for those who have been overshadowed by the bearded vulture.

Many Iranian poets such as Saadi, Nezami Ganjavi, Hafez, Molana, Khaghani, Bidel Dehlavi, etc. have been mentioned by Lammergeier and the shadow of its happiness.

On the pillars of Persepolis, the statue of Bearded Vulture has been used to show that this bird is well-favored in ancient Iran. In contemporary times also inspired by these serpents and bird name in Persian (Homa), Iran’s national aviation symbol is designed as one of the most beautiful symbols of the aviation industry in the world. The Persepolis club logo is also taken from these serpents.

Thanks to Ms. Leyla Holakooei