The Lesser Flamingo after years in Iran

The Lesser Flamingo after years in Iran

After many years, the Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) was observed and recorded by Ali Sajjad Jalali in Shadegan Wetland located in Khuzestan Province – Iran. Khuzestan Province is one of the first ranks of biodiversity in the country due to its numerous wetlands and ponds.

Shadegan International Wetland in southern Khuzestan is one of the flamingo habitats and thousands of flamingos have been recorded in this wetland, but given that this is the first “Lesser Flamingo” observed in the wetland this year, the possibility of breeding in Shadegan Wetland is on the agenda. The Lesser Flamingo after years in Iran

Lesser Flamingo is a new species for Khuzestan Province and the second recorded species in Iran. The first recorded Lesser Flamingo in Iran was in Kohak, Sistan, and Baluchistan province in June 1904.


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